Getting started

Installing Waveorb requires NodeJS 10 or higher. Here we will create an app called myapp, you can call it whatever you want.

# Install waveorb
npm i -g waveorb

# Create an app, here called 'myapp'
waveorb create myapp

# Go to your new app
cd myapp

# Initialize npm
npm init

# Initialize git
git init

# Install nodemon
npm i -g nodemon

# Start the development server
nodemon -e js,mjs,json,yml -i dist -x waveorb serve

# If you're not using nodemon, no auto-restart on change
waveorb serve

Nodemon is used to automatically restart the server when you save a file. If you have set up npm, you can add a script to the package.json file:

"scripts": {
  "serve": "nodemon -e js,mjs,json,yml -i dist -x waveorb serve"

From now you can start the development server with: npm run serve

Open http://localhost:5000 in a new tab to view your app.

App structure

Now open the myapp folder in your favorite editor and have a look. Most of the folders can be deleted depending on your needs.

Each folder contains a file that explains what it is for.