Getting started

Installing Waveorb requires NodeJS. Here we will create an app called hello, you can call it whatever you want. The waveorb create command will pull the latest template from here.

# Install nodemon
npm i -g nodemon

# Install waveorb
npm i -g waveorb

# Create an app, here called 'hello'
waveorb create hello

# Go to your new app
cd hello

# Start the development server
npm run dev

Nodemon is used to automatically restart the server when you save a file.

Open http://localhost:5000 in a new tab to view your app.

App structure

Now open your app folder in your favorite editor and have a look. Some of the folders can be deleted depending on your needs.

There are also other special folders you can add:

The default installation comes with scripts and scss installed by default. Open the package.json file and fill in your app's fields.